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Cooking basics for dummies, 5th edition Ebook

Packed with easy-to-follow guidelines and recipes, Cooking Basics For Dummies, 5th Edition, helps the novice chef navigate the kitchen and learn fundamental techniques and recipes. From dicing vegetables, cracking and hard boiling an egg to roasting meat, this edition includes information on:         Popular cooking techniques such as using pressure cookers       How to cut open hard-shelled vegetables       Sautéing basics       Quick and delicious sauces to take fish, pork, chicken, or beef to a whole new level.       Shopping at farmer’s markets, CSAs (Community Sustainable Agriculture co-ops), and buying organic        Navigating a new world of greens: Curly leaf and Tuscan Kale, Bok Choy, escarole, and scallions       Plus online articles on adapting to the latest dietary trends, such as low-sugar, low-sodium, low-fat, plant-based, vegetarian meals, and classic techniques such as grilling and slow cooking

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Bryan Miller is a food and wine writer and a former restaurant critic for The New York Times. He has written and cowritten a number of books. Marie Rama grew up in the restaurant business surrounded by a large family of food professionals and entrepreneurs and has worked in various areas in the industry.






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