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Organisational Behaviour: Emerging Knowledge, Global Insights (6th / 2019) (E-book)

PART 1 Introduction Chapter 1 Introduction to the field of organisational behaviour
PART 2 Individual behaviour and processes Chapter 2 Individual behaviour, personality and values Chapter 3 Perceiving ourselves and others in organisations Chapter 4 Workplace emotions, attitudes and stress Chapter 5 Foundations of employee motivation Chapter 6 Applied performance practices Chapter 7 Decision making and creativity
PART 3 Team processes Chapter 8 Team dynamics Chapter 9 Communicating in teams and organisations Chapter 10 Power and influence in the workplace Chapter 11 Conflict and negotiation in the workplace Chapter 12 Leadership in organisational settings
PART 4 Organisational processes Chapter 13 Designing organisational structures Chapter 14 Organisational culture Chapter 15 Organisational change

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