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The World My Arena Vol. 1

Despised and abused by his classmates, dismissed by his teachers, and overlooked by everyone else, Nathan struggles to find a place in the world.

When the constant barrage of ill-treatment and misery finally drives Nathan to the brink of death, the quick thinking and merciful heart of a school janitor with hidden skills gives Nathan the chance to learn how to defend himself… and even find acceptance from his former persecutors.

But in a world that’s been terribly unkind to Nathan, his morals and his true worth will be tested at every turn.

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About the Creator:-

Kang Jing (KJ), is an indie comic book creator from Singapore. In late 2019, KJ released his debut comic series, “The World My Arena”, through Kickstarter. The martial arts-based series has since been featured on local media (justsaying. ASIA, CAN Lifestyle) and adapted into an animated video (ComicVid by VividThree Productions). It has also led to a spin-off bilingual webcomic series, “Save me from Chloe”. In addition, KJ has also worked on projects with various international publishers, such as Graphic Mundi and Arcane Inkdustries.






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