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The Assassins Book One: Cao Mo

The intention for this graphic novel was to incorporate modern comic sensibilities into the lianhuanhua format while retelling the famous legend of Cao Mo (曹沫),who was a general of the LU (鲁) state during the Warring States period (circa 481-221 BC) of ancient China.Under Cao Mo’s command, the state of Lu consistently choked on the stench of defeat at the hands of its stronger neighbouring state Qi (齐). Regardless, Cao Mo’s courageous deed in reclaiming a territory for Lu when an opportunity presented itself were documented in Sima Qian’s Biographies of Assassins (刺客列传) posthumously. When tales become legends, it is difficult to discern facts from fiction. For this reason, we took some creative liberties in order to truly capture the thematic spirit of fortitude and heroism imbued within the legend itself. We hope you’ll find delight with this new reading experience that combines a modern take on lianhuanhua and a spirited adaptation of a famous Chinese legend.

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Koh Hong Teng,

S Mickey Lin


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