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QuarterTime: Living an Empowered Life in Your 20s

QuarterTime is a must-read for young adults who aspire to live an empowered life. This book puts together the best from the author’s years of corporate management consulting experience and consolidated wisdom of having journeyed with youths in discovering new insights about themselves and engineering their success. The timeless concepts in hold valuable keys to unlocking the door to a more significant and fulfilling life. You will discover three frameworks — Personal Visioning Framework, Personal Foundation Framework and Personal Blueprint Canvas — that will serve to guide you in your thinking and developmental process. Under each framework, there are methodologies and tools that will translate your aspiration to pragmatic strategies. The personal stories of quarter-timers who have transformed their lives from strive to thrive, good to excellence, and success to significance will further inspire you. All you have to do now is to take the first step.

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About the Author:-

Dr Candice Chee is a strategy consultant in customer-centric business practices and organisational change management. She has spent more than 20 years consulting for Fortune 500 and multinational companies in their pursuit for best practices and customer

excellence in Asia. Candice holds a doctorate degree in business administration. She has also served as an international partner of Global Customer Experience Management Organization (Global CEM) for more than 10 years. As the managing partner at MetaCore Asia, Candice and her consulting partners provide high-quality business strategies consulting. Candice founded MentorsHub to inspire youth to live intentionally, meaningfully and joyfully. She now devotes most of her time to equip young adults with self-empowerment and self-leadership to unleash their greatness. Candice lives in Singapore with her husband and three children.

Praise for the book:-

· “After 20+ years coaching successful people in midlife, I have found that those who pursue success alone in their first half are often disappointed by midlife. QuarterTime provides a roadmap for a wiser approach to life; one that will help you avoid trading what is priceless for what is merely valuable. If you absorb and apply even a portion of this wisdom, it will help you become an effective chief life officer with clarity of vision, passion and purpose.” – Lloyd Reeb, founding partner, Halftime Institute and author of From Success to Significance: When the Pursuit of Success isn’t Enough

· “This is a piece of distilled wisdom for young people finding their way in the world. A pleasure to read; it leads the reader on a motivating journey to gather themselves for the next three quarters of their life, with a clarity and compassion based on real-life experience. With a very accessible style, Candice presents a roadmap for anyone preparing for the next three quarters of life and career. QuarterTime distils years of experience with hands-on mentoring of individuals doing exactly that. I wish I, and my children, had read it when we entered our 20s.” – Tim Tyler, managing partner, Ellipsis & Company

· “The Personal Visioning Framework and 7 Attributes to Empowering Yourself for Success in QuarterTime resonate greatly with me. I have used the framework to re-evaluate myself, redefine what success means to me and navigate my career transitions. ‘Adaptability’ and ‘Growth Mindset’ have been my two most empowering attributes. They have enabled me to thrive under different environments and create a greater impact in the organisation. The concepts in QuarterTime have many valuable keys to empowering one’s success. I strongly recommend all my peers to embark on this useful systems-thinking process.” – Dr Sam Li WeiXian, principal data scientist, Dell

· “QuarterTime is an enlightening map for anyone who is trying to figure out their purpose, or seeking to lead a meaningful life. It is filled with inspirational stories through thoughtful interviews with mission-driven professionals and entrepreneurs. Beyond just inspiration, from personal vision statements to S.M.A.R.T. goal setting, the book contains helpful frameworks that can guide the seeker to take action, empowering them to lead fuller lives of not only wealth, but more importantly, fulfilment and passion. Through this combination of inspirational stories and actionable frameworks, I believe that readers will find more clarity for their careers and lives effectively.” – Oswald Yeo, CEO and co-founder, Glints

· “QuarterTime is coming at the perfect time for a generation that not only has to deal with the pressures of coming-of-age, but has to do so while navigating the uncertainties of a post-Covid world. The book brings the reader on a journey of both retrospection as well as forward ambition to define our purpose in life. And while the topic could easily become lofty and philosophical, Dr Chee manages to break it down, creating a step-by-step guide that is both easy to understand and to apply. I personally wish I had read this earlier in my own ‘quarter time’ because ultimately, when applied with its best intention, QuarterTime helps unlock the secrets to not only a successful life but more importantly, a fulfilled one.” – Caryn Koh, senior global brand manager, Purpose & Engagement, Unilever

· “This is the kind of book I wish I had read in my 20s, especially as an entrepreneur, where I had to firefight multiple things at once. The simplicity and structure that Dr Candice created is easily applicable to anyone. I can completely resonate with ‘living an empowered life’ as it reminds me of who I am and why I do what I do. It also gives me the inspiration to keep going and push forward towards my fullest potential. I highly recommend QuarterTime, not just for those in their 20s but anyone who wishes to live a life of purpose.” – Zac Chua, founder, The Kettle Gourmet

· “To our young people who are transitioning in or into their careers amidst this rapidly evolving environment, QuarterTime will provide you with a much-need anchor and grounding. The systematic, reflection-driven approach covered in this book will be useful as you embark on your seeking journey. May you lay strong personal foundations to build a fruitful career!” – Ivy Tse, CEO, Halogen Foundation Singapore

· “In a world filled with success-hype, this book shines with authenticity. The stories within highlight many core values that I can strongly relate to, some of which are what I uphold dearly and some visionary. If you’re feeling that quarter-life crisis or are stuck in a rut, this is the book that will inspire you greatly. It should be reviewed over and over. And if you’re already doing well in your 20s, this book will serve as a reminder of how you can be the best at whatever you want to be. This is a book I will be giving to my friends.” – Fong May Ee, CEO, Bob the Baker Boy






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