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Honey for dummies Ebook

Honey for Dummies reveals the deep and complex world of honey, its diverse floral sources and the surprising range of colors, aromas and flavors of its varietals. Readers will learn about single origin honey and how to taste and appreciate it using the same methods as sommeliers. Discover how honey is made by honeybees, and the different ways beekeepers harvest, bottle and package their honey.  Readers will also discover the historical role honey has played in folklore, religious ceremonies,  currency in cultures around the world.  Find out about honeys composition and its many health benefits.  Acquire the skills to perfectly pair different honeys with different foods. And try some of the many wonderful recipes that incorporate honey.

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C. Mariana Marchese (Weston, CT) is a honey sensory expert and the first American to complete formal training on the subject. She is the founder of the American Honey Tasting Society as the leading resource for honey sensory education in the US, a ground-breaking concept for creating a standard method for tasting and evaluating honey. Marina conducts numerous honey tasting workshops and seminars each year and does consulting on this topic for commercial honey producers. Her organizations reach an international group of beekeepers and honey enthusiasts looking for information about honey not available elsewhere. In addition to the workshops and seminars, Marina does between 25 and 35 speaking engagements a year.  Howland Blackiston (Easton, CT)  is the bestselling author of Beekeeping For Dummies and Building Beehives For Dummiesu. He’s been a beekeeper since 1984 and is a founding board member and past president of Connecticut’s Backyard Beekeepers Association. Howland frequently lectures about bees and honey and has been a guest on dozens of radio and television programs both in the U.S. and abroad.






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