Chemistry – a self-teaching guide, third edition Ebook

Did you know that all of the elements in the known cosmos can be listed in a table on a single sheet of paper and that chemical combinations of those elements make up the thousands of substances that we interact with every day from space craft propulsion to the batteries in our electric cars?  That’s chemistry.  This book will help you to understand the concepts and principles of chemistry and chemical reactions in a manner that allows you to read a short section and then interact with that information in a way that will reinforce what you just learned in a step-by-step tutorial manner.  Its designed so that you can learn the subject on your own at your own pace and is complete with self-tests and references for review.   About the only requirement is some basic high school math.  The book covers most of a typical college-level course in general chemistry and gently leads a student to deeper levels and concepts with practice, critical thinking, problem solving and self-assessment at every stage.

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Richard Post is Assistant Dean Emeritus, Board Member, and Webmaster at Ohio University. Richard continues to author magazine feature articles and monthly columns dealing with engineering, development, history and impact of electronics and communications technology in both the military and the home from World War I to the recent past. Chad Snyder is the Chair of the Department of Science and Mathematics at Grace College and is a member of the American Chemical Society and frequently presents his research at their conferences. In addition, Snyder peer-reviews publications in chemistry journals that range from organic, organometallic, and analytical chemistry. In the arena of publishing companies, Snyder frequently serves as a subject matter expert, multimedia author, interactive SME, end-of-chapter problem author, and text bank question author for a variety of chemistry titles. 






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