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Building your own robots: build and program your first robot! Ebook

Theres no better way to learn about the world around you than to test how things work. The projects in this book help you understand how to build robots while learning more about how machines work.  A self-propelled vehicle — use household items to build a self-propelled vehicle in an afternoon Customize your robot — hack an old remote control car to create a motorized robot Robots go virtual — use simple commands to build and program a virtual robot This book is part of the ‘Dummies Junior’ initiative, a new series extension from the trusted For Dummies brand that is created to appeal to and educate younger readers. The series applies the core For Dummies approach of presenting complicated topics in a light-hearted and non-intimidating way while adding key changes for the unique needs of this audience, including:  * A design that is heavy on eye-poppign graphics and focused on the steps to completing a project. * A small, full-color, non-intimidating package that instills confidence in the reader * A focus on 2-3 basic projects that sets the student on the road to further exploration

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Gordon McComb has written over 65 books and several thousand magazine and newspaper articles. A programmer by trade, for 13 years he wrote a weekly syndicated newspaper column on computers, which reached several million readers. His specialty is teaching young minds about new technology. Among his bestselling books is Robot Builders Bonanza, 4th Edition.






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