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Also Filipino: 75 Regional Dishes I Never Had Growing Up

A thorough collection of unfamiliar dishes from different provinces of the Philippines. Angelo Comsti traveled all the way from Batanes at the northernmost tip of the country to down south in Tawi-Tawi to record and immortalize the recipes and stories everyone needs to know. Much has been written and reported about what celebrity chef and TV host Andrew Zimmern called the next big thing in America—Filipino food. CNN’s Culinary Journeys has featured different kinds of kinilaw, Bon Appetit magazine has done an ode to our humble halo-halo, and the late great Anthony Bourdain proclaimed our roast pig aka lechon to be the best he has ever had. The world has finally come to know our Adobo, Sinigang, and Sisig, but they have barely scratched the surface. “Also Filipino” will introduce people—foreigners and locals alike—to other Filipino dishes. It’s an impressive compilation that will clearly show the country’s diversity, complexity and wide variety in food.

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