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All work no play: a surprising guide to feeling more mindful, grateful and cheerful Ebook

Explore effective strategies to improve your mental health, and the health of your colleagues and employees, with this engaging and practical book All Work No Play: A Surprising Guide to Feeling More Mindful, Grateful and Cheerful is a practical and rewarding handbook for reconnecting with joy and happiness daily. The book shares strategies for play-based mindfulness, empathy, and gratitude exercises that will help readers rediscover their inner child; promote good mental health; build and foster more meaningful connections with others; and help combat loneliness and deep-rooted toxic behaviors and thoughts. Youll learn to: Recognize and become self-aware of thoughts blocking your way to healthy relationships and attitudes Prioritize mental wellbeing in your daily life and put an end to burnout and fatigue Use visual tools and self-assessment forms to guide you through exercises that will increase your happiness, focus, and productivity Perfect for anyone who hopes to improve their ability to take joy and happiness from their daily routines, All Work No Play is also ideal for businesses who wish to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees and colleagues.

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Dale Sidebottom is often referred to as the energiser bunny by those around him because of the way he uses play, and his background in the fitness space, to get people moving. Dale is the creator and founder of Jugar Life which is a movement that revolves around helping people bring play back into their adult lives. Dale is also a top rating podcaster via Energetic Radio and more recently, a TEDx speaker.  Dale has successfully created a unique blend of fun, teamwork, wellness and movement into his keynotes, seminars and conferences having presented these in over 20 countries around the world. Dale runs seminars around play-based mindfulness to Australian corporates, football/sporting clubs and in schools. However, he never dives into the programs without reflecting on his own journey from narcissist to nice. And talking to how he has found moments of happiness through play, empathy and gratitude. Dale is living proof his method and mantra works – so hes set to help those around him too.      






Dale Sidebottom


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