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Add value: discover your values, find your worth, gain fulfillment in your personal and professional life Ebook

Why truly knowing what we value–and why–is the real basis of successListen closely: youll notice that words like value lie at the heart of many of the important conversations taking place around you. Whether theyre about personal development, business or government, value is everywhere. In business, we hear about adding value, in our personal lives, were told about the importance of self-worth. But how many of us know what these concepts truly mean–and how do we know when were getting them right?  Mark Carter is a sought-after speaker–including for TEDx–and professional trainer for blue-chip companies all over the world. His passion for understanding what makes us do the things we do have convinced him that what makes or breaks all of our ventures is having a full moral understanding of what we value and why–and living up to it. When we bias towards one set of values–for example the win-at-all-costs sagas of the Banking Royal Commission and Belle Gibson–we alienate others and lose out overall. Develop your skills of self-reflection and awareness Build your personal and business legacy Know how to cultivate lasting relationships Discover why human skills are even more necessary for success in the age of AI No person is an island and living in accordance with our values has real-world effects. Whatever your ambition, the wisdom found in Add Value will help you ignite the human potential within–and help us all to build a better world.

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Mark Carter is a sought-after keynote speaker and professional trainer with global experience. His passion is people and understanding why we make the decisions we do, the behaviour that lays behind all choices we make. Mark believes that at the core of all behaviour lays our values, a topic he was invited to speak to for TEDx, that it is our values that will underpin the success of all ventures, whether in business, community, or your personal life – value, moral worth, is a key to the likelihood of success. It is unique insights into people that has made Mark one of the leading experts in human behaviour in not only Australia, but across the globe, having built a professional reputation second to none, whilst acquiring a catalogue of life experiences through his own lifes journey. A journey that has seen Mark hold senior and strategic leadership development roles for major global players across the Asia Pacific and Europe, leading to him to being invited to work on projects design and implement sales strategies and bespoke methodologies for billion dollar sales teams across the globe. Marks knowledge crosses all industry channels including e-commerce, marketing, travel, real estate, recruitment, tech, hospitality, telecommunications, banking, insurance, health, government, sport, not-for-profit and many more. Mark can help you, your business and your teams, whether it is through his keynote, as a trainer, facilitator or through his ground breaking online academy with a focus for individuals and SME. Mark has the match that will ignite the human potential that lays within you. I have a fascination for both big picture and quirky details of life, which, when weaved with a skill in communication, allows me to build relationships with my audiences leaving them intrigued, inspired and provoked into action. Some significant brands Ive worked with include: Sensis, Optus, LJ Hooker, REIQ, Career One, MYOB, Aussie, Leading Edge, TAL, SG Fleet, GMHBA, BT Financial Group, Mirus Australia, Luxpeirience, Mind Body Spirit Festival and many more (some highlighted on my website)






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