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100 Top Tips – Create Your Smart Home to Stay Safe and Save Money

Homes that contain devices that can be controlled by smart speakers, voice commands and apps are becoming a reality for an increasing number of people. What was once the stuff of science fiction is now firmly established as part of the real world and is easily accessible for anyone who wants to add an exciting new dimension to their home.

100 Top Tips – Create Your Smart Home to Stay Safe and Save Money contains tips covering all aspects of setting up and using smart home devices securely. These include:

Setting up your home so that it is ready to be transformed into a smart home Ensuring that your home is flexible enough so that you have alternatives if smart devices do not work properly Using smart speakers (digital voice assistants) to create a digital companion in your home Linking smart speakers to your smart home devices so that they can communicate with each other Deploying smart lighting to take the ultimate control over the lighting systems in your home Installing smart heating to control your central heating and save money Making your home more secure with a range of smart security devices Cutting down the time spent on domestic chores by using devices such as robotic lawnmowers and robotic vacuum cleaners Enhancing entertainment options with robots and artificial intelligence (AI) devices Addressing security issues with smart home devices, to prevent other people gaining access to your smart home

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