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如何以认知训练加强记忆、智商、与学业成绩 (Cognitive Training: To Enhance Memory, IQ and Academic Performance)

The book ‘Cognitive Training to Enhance Memory, IQ and Academic Performance’ is a good introduction for parents, students, teachers and academics to understand how cognitive training enhances students’ working memory, the transfer effect from cognitive training to fluid intelligence (IQ) and how it can be applied to their schoolwork.The objective of this book is to highlight the importance of cognitive training and its application of mental imagery in learning. It briefly covers concepts on memory, mental imagery, intelligence as well as IQ and drawing tests and addresses some misconceptions that people have on memory, left-brain and right-brain training. This book explains how students’ drawings and IQ tests are used as measures of their intellectual development by showcasing their work and drawings. The author concludes by recounting his teaching encounters after years of cognitive training in Singapore.

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